How Thursday can be the New Friday in Manufacturing with Joe Sanok

If you already thought that the 5-day work week was one day too long, then this episode will rock your boat. This week, we’re chatting with Joe Sanok, Author of Thursday is the New Friday, and he offers a practical breakdown of how the 4-day work week would fit into a manufacturing setting.

Before we dive into all that, Joe tells us about his professional background then offers a brief but detailed history of the 5-day work week (and a bit about the concept of time). We also hear a step-by-step breakdown of how to slow down in order to speed things up and ultimately get more done in four days as opposed to five.

Joe leaves us with a whole lot to mull over as far as productivity is concerned. So this is definitely one of those episodes you’re going to want to tune in to.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Henry Ford introduced the 40-hour work week so he could sell more cars to his employees.
  2. Research shows that even throughout time, Fridays were already starting to fade out.
  3. A lot of industries are realizing that the 4-day work week isn’t only possible for start-ups or knowledge-based economies.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “The pandemic was the final linchpin in the 40-hour work week.”
  • “You need to first gain clarity through slowing down so when you eventually speed up, you’re doing the right things instead of putting out fires.”
  • “A lot of the realizations people get from slowing down are more personal than business-related.”

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What We Discuss with Joe

  • What Joe’s book, “Thursday is the New Friday” is about
  • Joe’s relationship with the manufacturing industry growing up
  • The motivation behind Joe’s career choices
  • When Joe really started questioning the 5-day work week
  • The history of the 5-day work week
  • How people often react to the notion of the 4-day work week
  • The first step to slowing down (to ultimately speeding up)
  • How manufacturers can adjust to the 4-day work week
  • How to test the 4-day work week
  • Surprising things Joe learned while writing his book

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