110: Going from Design to Product and Leading a Remote Team with Adar Hay, Co-Founder and CEO of Jiga

Marketing, manufacturing, and remote work – we cover a lot of ground in this episode featuring Adar Hay, Co-Founder and CEO of Jiga.io.

Jiga helps manufacturing companies centralize their supplier sourcing, and Adar explains how the idea for the company first came about. We hear how Jiga has a refreshingly modern approach to marketing and why Adar decided to start a podcast to learn more about potential users.

Adar also explains the reasoning behind his remote-first team, and why for remote working to be effective, it needs to be rooted in the company culture. He also talks about the number one benefit of remote work – being able to hire anyone in world, not just those in your local area.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. There’s a lack of more casual and human-focused marketing in the industrial sector – something that Jiga wants to change.
  2. Podcasting can be a great way to understand your current and potential customer base (without outright selling to them).
  3. Remote work is all about trust. And because you can pick talent from anywhere in the world, you can compile the best team for your business.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “People want to connect with people. Being honest, upfront, and talking about challenges is very important, as well as sharing things from a human perspective of me as the CEO.”
  • “When you’re building a product, especially something new, you always have to talk to your customers. You want to talk to people in your industry about their problems and about their needs.”
  • “Remote teams are more of an attitude. It’s not just about working remotely, it’s cultural. You need to fully trust the people that you work with.”

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What We Discuss with Adar

  • Adar’s thoughts on underrated marketing strategies
  • Why Jiga uses more human-focused marketing
  • Why Adar started a podcast for Jiga
  • How he measures content marketing success
  • Why he started Jiga
  • Why manufacturers should treat suppliers like partners
  • Why digital transformation doesn’t need to be complex
  • The simple secrets of remote working success
  • The biggest pro for remote work

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Connect with Adar and Jiga

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