126: A History Lesson in Industrial Automation Recruiting with Gary Miller, CEO of Miller Resource Group

It’s time for a comprehensive history lesson in industrial automation recruiting.

We sat down in the MRG Studios in Naperville, Illinois, with Gary Miller, CEO of Miller Resource Group, an industrial recruiting firm focused on hard-to-find personnel in automation, robotics, food and beverage and more.

We’ve gotten to know a few members of the team over the years which is why it was about time we shared a conversation with their CEO!

On the episode, Gary tells us how he was introduced to industrial automation back in the 1970s, imparts advice on hiring strategy and standing out from the crowd as a recruiter, and lays out his interesting thoughts and ideas about leadership.

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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. It’s important for salespeople to leave an impression on candidates, whether there is a hire or not.
  2. You should package and repackage your company story depending on the roles and areas you’re interviewing for.
  3. It’s highly beneficial to maintain a learning mindset and continue to find inspiration, whatever stage of your career.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “There’s things and there’s stuff. Things you count, stuff you measure.”
  • “When a candidate asks me questions that make me stumble, I’m usually intrigued by that candidate.”
  • “You have to understand what the problem is. Then demonstrate how your skills can help solve that problem.”

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What We Discuss with Gary

  • Gary’s first steps in industrial automation
  • How he stepped up to own his company in the 1980s
  • How to package your company story
  • Behind the curtain of recruitment
  • What recruiters should look for in candidates
  • What candidates should look for in recruiters
  • How we can take inspiration from the Grateful Dead
  • Why you should adopt a learning mindset
  • The books that inspire him

Recommended Resources

Connect with Gary and Miller Resource Group

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