How to Attract Young Talent and Build Your Network in Manufacturing with Nicole Wolter

We all know how fast-paced the world of manufacturing is…and when processes and technologies progress, so does the way we work. 

On this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, Nicole Wolter, President & CEO of HM Manufacturing, reveals all about her management style, interview processes and focus on young talent. 

Plus, she tells us what it’s like to take over a family business, why she stays on top of robotics trends and what life is like on a board of directors. 

There are plenty of tips for manufacturing recruiters, budding manufacturers, directors and…well…just about anyone in the industry, so tune in! 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Keeping up to date with your robotics and tech attracts fresh, young talent 
  2. It’s crucial to speak to your team like a human 
  3. A potential new team member isn’t defined by their resume

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Find something you’re passionate about and then find an organization that speaks to it.” 
  • “A different vibe, a different energy to help loosen up your team is super important.” 
  • “It’s OK for something to not be 100% perfect one day.”

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What We Discuss with Nicole

  • What’s behind the curtain of HM Manufacturing’s interview process 
  • How Nicole deals with team burnout 
  • How she transformed her family business 
  • Why Nicole focuses on hiring young talent 
  • The benefits of staying uptodate with robotics and tech in the workplace 
  • What HM Manufacturing is involved in 
  • What it’s like being on a board of directors 
  • What’s mHub? 
  • The biggest aerospace and food manufacturing trends

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Connect with Nicole and HM Manufacturing

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