Software-Enabled Vehicles and the Future of Automotive Manufacturing with Vicki Poponi, VP and Industry Advisor at Salesforce

Ready for a masterclass in modern automotive manufacturing? Buckle up! 

On this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we are joined by Vicki Poponi, Vice President – Industry Advisor, Automotive at Salesforce.  

She discusses her route into the industry and provides a glimpse at the world of software-enabled vehicles. 

Plus, she explains what the connected car means for consumers, why the customer is at the center of everything and delves into Salesforce’s Trends in Automotive Report – linked below. 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Customer experience is central to manufacturing 
  2. People shouldn’t be afraid of technology 
  3. Manufacturing is a great foundation for your career  

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “It’s human nature to be afraid of something new.” 
  • “There’s so much data in the auto industry, it’s crazy. But you have think about how to connect the data. That’s where technology is so wonderful.” 
  • “Future customers really want to be engaged.” 

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What We Discuss with Vicki

  • Vicki’s first steps in the industry 
  • Why people are afraid of new technologies 
  • Vicki’s transition into the automotive world 
  • How her manufacturing roots help in business 
  • What she’s learned in her current role at Salesforce 
  • The importance of customer centricity 
  • Behind the scenes of Vicki’s role 
  • The progress being made around digital customer experience 
  • What automotive manufacturers need to learn in the coming months/years 

Recommended Resources

  • Trends in Automotive Report, Salesforce’s report providing insights from 500 industry leaders on what’s transforming the customer experience and driving profitable growth in the auto industry 
  • Automotive Cloud by Salesforce, an out-of-the-box automotive CRM, built on Sales Cloud and Service Cloud 

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