Promoting from Within and Building a Team for the Future with Pamela Frost, President of RND Automation

Things move super quickly in manufacturing, so how do we stay efficient in the now, while building a strong team for the future?  

On this episode, we invite Pam Frost, President of RND Automation, on Manufacturing Happy Hour. 

Pam discusses employee retention, promoting from within and playing to your own and your employees’ strengths. 

Plus, she reveals why she came out of retirement for RND, what excites her about the future of manufacturing and why fun should be a priority in the workplace. 

There’s plenty of excellent advice to take from this one! 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Work to keep your culture intact while future-proofing your processes and staying adaptable to change 
  2. Listen twice as much as you talk 
  3. It’s important for employees to have a good time at work 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “It’s important to celebrate the past, celebrate today and look forward to the future.” 
  • “If we can come together and all enjoy each other’s company, I think it helps a lot.” 
  • “Two ears, one mouth – listen at least twice as much as you talk!” 

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What We Discuss with Pam

  • How Pam built success at Pridgeon & Clay 
  • How to promote from within 
  • Why listening is crucial to success in any business 
  • How to retain employees 
  • Why Pam came out of retirement for RND Automation 
  • How to achieve operational excellence 
  • The best ways to foster a collaborative environment 
  • Why you should have fun at work 

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