What are the Characteristics of a Manufacturing Leader? An Interview with Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger of MakingChips

It’s time for two manufacturing podcasts to collide!

On this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we’re delighted to speak to Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger, hosts of the amazing MakingChips podcast. 

Nick and Jason discuss their route into making the podcast, how it’s grown and evolved over the years and the attributes that make a true manufacturing leader. 

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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Manufacturing leaders should equip and inspire their teams. 
  2. Content needs to evolve with the manufacturing business landscape. 
  3. It’s important for manufacturing leaders to self-assess and upgrade their skills using resources (such as their podcast and this one!) 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “If you’re a manufacturing leader, you should be equipping, you should be inspiring and you should be building relationships.” – Jason Zenger, Host of the MakingChips podcast 
  • “A manufacturing leader needs to know how to develop relationships with clients and partners.” – Jason Zenger, Host of the MakingChips podcast 
  • “It’s important for us to contribute to the community and the industry at large.” – Nick Goellner, Host of the MakingChips podcast 

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What We Discuss with Nick and Jason

  • Creating MakingChips 
  • How their podcast has evolved 
  • Knowing when content needs to evolve 
  • How MakingChips set out to equip and inspire 
  • What makes a great manufacturing leader 
  • How their content can help manufacturing leaders 
  • The importance of developing relationships 
  • Why manufacturing leaders should self-assess 
  • How content serves businesses 

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