138: Leadership Perspectives on Robotics, Highlights from Automate LIVE in Detroit, MI

Time to buckle up for a masterclass in manufacturing with not one – but three – manufacturing experts! 

On this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we share the best of three interviews conducted at Automate LIVE in Detroit, MI. Chris sits down for conversations with Milton Guerry, President of Schunk, Mike Cicco, President & CEO of FANUC America Corporation and Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot. 

They share their career journeys, insights and predictions for manufacturing, AI and automation, plus reveal top tips for manufacturing leaders and team members alike. 

We’re treating you guys this week! 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Through ups and downs as a manufacturing leader, having an amazing team is key to resilience and success. 
  2. With advancements in technologies, we can all be secure that the industry is going to continue to be super-strong. 
  3. Communication up, down and across organizations in key for success. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “We can all be very secure that this industry is going to be super-strong.” – Milton Guerry, President of Schunk 
  • “The key to mobility is just continuing to reinvent yourself in terms of business needs at the time.” – Mike Cicco, President & CEO of FANUC America Corporation 
  • “In everything you do, if you don’t believe in it or think that it’s right, you should probably be doing something else.” – Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot 

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EPLAN provides software and service solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, automation, and mechatronics engineering. They’ve developed one of the world’s leading design software solutions for machine, plant, and panel builders, providing data-driven panel design capabilities to manufacturers. Click here to listen to our full interview with EPLAN’s International Solutions Architect Sean Mulherrin. 

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What We Discuss with Mike Cicco, Soren Peters and Milton Guerry

  • How Milton Guerry began his career 
  • How Mike Cicco started in the industry 
  • Søren Peters’ first steps in manufacturing 
  • Guests’ thoughts on the current state of manufacturing, AI and automation 
  • The importance of mentorship 
  • The future of collaborative robots 
  • New routes into the industry 
  • Why strong teams are key to success 
  • The importance of communication 

Recommended Resources

  • SCHUNK, an internationally active technology company, a leading supplier of products made with high-tech materials like carbon, technical ceramics and sintered metal, as well as machines and systems for environmental simulation, air conditioning, optical machines and many other processes. 
  • HowToRobot, your automation marketplace, helping buyers specify their needs and putting them into contact with sellers across the globe.  
  • FANUC, a leading global manufacturer of factory automation, they specialize in industrial robots, CNC systems, wire cut EDM and injection moulding machines among other things. All products are engineered to optimize energy usage. 

Connect with Mike Cicco, Søren Peters and Milton Guerry 

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