142: How to Accelerate Smart Manufacturing Adoption in the US with John Dyck, CEO of CESMII

John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, is making his long-awaited debut on Manufacturing Happy Hour.  

CESMII is a non-profit institute in the United States dedicated to smart manufacturing. Simply put, they’re democratizing the tools and technologies needed to bring smarter manufacturing operations to life. 

Smart manufacturing operations result in reduced costs, less complexity, and quicker time-to-value. All of these things make companies and the US manufacturing industry as a whole more competitive on a global scale.  

In this episode, John shares his background, what led him to CESMII, and what he’s learned after finding himself in many roles that have put him on the bleeding edge of manufacturing technology. John also talks about the state of smart manufacturing’s adoption in the US and why there’s a sense of urgency to accelerate it.  

Finally, we discuss how to adopt smart manufacturing technologies, including both the technology itself and the mindset required to drive intelligent manufacturing innovations. 

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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. CESMII is using federal funds to invest in ideas, research and technologies to help accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing across the US manufacturing industry. 
  2. Smart manufacturing provides a mechanism to make up ground on European and Asian counterparts as the US strives to make progress in manufacturing productivity 
  3. When adopting smart manufacturing, there are some helpful personas you need on board – corporate supply chain leadership, manufacturing leadership, plant leadership, plant workers, operators, technology providers, vendors, systems integrators and consultants, machine builders and knowledge providers  

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Using data to transform how we work and become more competitive and productive – that’s where manufacturing leadership is.” 
  • “We fundamentally believe that smart manufacturing as a mindset becomes the next generation of digital quality, digital improvement and digital safety.” 
  • “I’ve found myself gravitating towards the bleeding edge (of manufacturing). That’s allowed me to work with forward-thinking manufacturing companies, systems integrators and machine builders who are early adopters of technology.” 

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What We Discuss with John

  • John’s career history 
  • How CESMII democratize technology for the adoption of smart manufacturing 
  • The definition of smart manufacturing 
  • Why there’s an urgency around smart manufacturing 
  • How the US can catch up with European and Asian markets 
  • The outcomes of smart manufacturing 
  • How to adopt a smart manufacturing mindset 
  • How to find the right partners to guide the process 
  • How smart technology could prevent pilot purgatory 

Recommended Resources

  • CESMII, the United States’ non-profit institute dedicated to smart manufacturing (SM), working to reduce cost, complexity, and time-to-value so all manufacturers can engage in smart manufacturing 
  • Smart manufacturing Executive Council, created by CESMII to engage business and technology executives, thought leaders, and visionaries advocating for the transformation of the U.S. manufacturing ecosystem 
  • Smart manufacturing Mindset, CESMII’s monthly LinkedIn Live web series 
  • SOUTHTEC, a manufacturing technology series event and trade show, taking place in October 2023 in Greenville, SC 

Connect with John and CESMII

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