144: Creating an Amazing Customer Experience through a Great Employee Experience

What does it mean to have an experience mindset? 

Tiffani Bova, keynote speaker, author and Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, joins Manufacturing Happy Hour to explain how manufacturing leaders can prioritize employee experience while still keeping customer experience front of mind, using research found for her book The Experience Mindset.

When Chris saw Tiffani speak on the topic at a KUKA Robotics event, he couldn’t wait to get her on the show! In this episode, Tiffani shares why companies put customers’ needs first, why it pays off to prioritize your employees, and why the C-suite views employee experience the wrong way. 

Plus, she reveals what manufacturers can learn from other industries and tells us the first steps to adopting an experience mindset. 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Companies prioritizing employee experience have seen a 1.8x growth rate. 
  2. Only 52% of the C-suite believe that the technology they’re using in their organization is working effectively. 
  3. Cultivating a positive customer experience shouldn’t come at the expense of a positive employee experience. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “My advice to leaders would be – get out of your office. Go into the plant, use the systems, use the software. Use everything.” 
  • “If our customers aren’t successful, we’re not successful.” 
  • “If you only look in the same pool for hiring, maybe you miss out on the opportunity to bring in new skills. 

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What We Discuss with Tiffani

  • What it means to have an experience mindset 
  • Why customer experience can take priority over employee experience 
  • How manufacturing leaders can get the balance right 
  • Why positive employee experience aids customer experience 
  • Why manufacturing companies should hire from outside the industry 
  • Why leaders should get out of the office 
  • The first steps to implementing an experience mindset 
  • The gap between C-suite and employee views on employee experience 
  • What surprised Tiffani about her research 
  • What manufacturers can learn from other industries 

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