152: What the U.S. Navy Can Teach You About Industry 4.0 with Marty Groover

In the Navy, every minute of every day is measured and that measurement is called Speed of Advance. In layman’s terms, it means, “I’ve got a plan and where am I at in that plan?” But how does that relate to manufacturing?  

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we’re joined by Marty Groover, operational technology expert, partner at C5MI and the author of Speed of Advance. He talks about his background in the US Navy and how that experience helped him make a smooth transition into the manufacturing world, which wasn’t exactly as he expected!  

He also touches on why military life is a great introduction to the industrial world and shares his uncanny similarities with Marty McFly! 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. If people at your lowest level know exactly what to do with the digital tools you have and know what to do when it doesn’t go according to plan, your business is going to run 10 times better.  
  2. You can’t be in the middle of war and have someone turn around and look at you and say, what am I supposed to do, boss? If that’s happening, you’re failing. 
  3. The goal of Industry 4.0 is full autonomy. But you can’t get there in one step. It takes a methodical strategy of converging people, processes, and technology. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Every minute of every day, we’re getting measured on this measurement called speed of advance. In simplest terms it means, I’ve got a plan, where am I at in that plan, and how do I maintain my speed as efficiently as possible?”
  • “I learned troubleshooting, solving problems, making sure that system was ready to serve 100% of the time. ‘Cause you never want to go to the captain and say, I don’t know why it didn’t shoot, sir.”
  • “If COVID didn’t provide a wake up call, it should have. Going to stores and seeing things not in stores, not being able to get what we’re used to getting. That just shows you that these supply chains are not resilient.”

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What We Discuss with Marty

  • Marty’s background in the US Navy 
  • What he learned from those experiences 
  • Marty’s transition to civilian life and entry into the manufacturing world 
  • The big differences he had to get used to  
  • Why military life is such a great path into the industrial world 
  • How Industry 4.0 is evolving  
  • What Marty has in common with Marty McFly!  

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