158: Letting Curiosity Lead and Finding Your Identity with Gray Solutions CEO Walker Mattox

Curiosity is at the heart of this guest’s leadership style, and it manifests in the projects he is involved in. 

But what does it mean to “let curiosity lead”? And how can manufacturing leaders take this advice on board?

Joining this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour is Walker Mattox, CEO of Gray Solutions, one of the top 20 largest full-service systems integrators in the U.S. He shares why curiosity shapes how he manages his team and explains why leadership is a journey, not a destination.  

It’s important to remember, the leaders you look up to are still working on themselves. 

Hear his advice on rebrands, workplace challenges, innovation and so much more in this jam-packed episode. 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Leadership is a journey, not a destination.   
  2. We should embrace innovation, not fear it. 
  3. The best way to mitigate the risk of leveraging new technology is to test, test, test. Find the point where you feel like you’ve tested too much, but also not enough. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Curiosity leads to a lot of interesting ideas.” 
  • “The most important thing is to like what you do every day. Follow the path that feels right.” 
  • “If you’re not staying on top of things and innovating, your competitor is.” 

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What We Discuss with Walker Mattox

  • How Walker founded Gray Solutions 
  • What it means to be a recovering serial entrepreneur 
  • How Walker helped Gray become one of the top 20 largest systems integrators 
  • Why leadership is a journey, not a destination 
  • The top workplace challenges in 2023 
  • How curiosity manifests itself in Walker’s projects 
  • Why you should embrace, not fear, innovation 
  • How to know when it’s time to adjust your story

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Connect with Walker and Gray Solutions 

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