Buying a Manufacturing Company and Reimagining Upskilling with Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision

There’s no shortage of life and business lessons you can learn from a former Navy SEAL, including lessons about upskilling and acquiring a manufacturing company.

Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision, joins episode 160 of Manufacturing Happy Hour, to share his thoughts on upskilling your team and his journey from the Navy to manufacturing business leader. We hear why he chose to acquire Pindel and how he was lucky enough for the seller to stay on board to help ease the leadership transition. 

We explore the importance of upskilling your team and why Pindel’s philosophy is to “hire for attitude, train for skill,” – as well as a great example of how someone moved from the janitorial department to work with CNC equipment. Bill shares his take on why upskilling is so important in manufacturing and what he thinks the industry should do moving forward to train the future of talent. 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. When Bill acquired Pindel Global Precision, the original owner stayed on the team and helped Bill to think through potential changes he wanted to make and explore challenges he had faced in the past.
  2. Committing to upskilling your team allows you the freedom to hire people with the best attitude, not just the best résumé.
  3. The future of upskilling should be industry-led and funded to ensure that people can train and work at the same time.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Our adage to the team is more value created, more value captured. So, if you allow the company to augment the value you can create by training you, that is going to lead to more value captured in the form of wages, bonuses, etc.” 
  • “Once you figure out what you’re going to focus on, that allows you to put all your chips on the table in that direction. 
  • “The two challenges when you have that ambition to acquire a company is number one, acquiring the skills to be able to do it well. And then number two is acquiring the capital to be able to make it happen. You can’t just jump from simply having that ambition to the end state. 

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What We Discuss with Bill

  • What Bill believes about upskilling in manufacturing  
  • Bill explores his time as a Navy SEAL  
  • The challenges of acquiring a company 
  • What made him choose to acquire Pindel 
  • How Pindel’s seller stayed on board to ease the transition 
  • Bill’s business aha moments 
  • What to consider before buying a business 
  • What upskilling looks like at Pindel 
  • Bill’s thoughts on the future of upskilling in manufacturing 
  • Advice for manufacturing leaders 

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