Leveraging Robotics in an Unstructured World with Dexterity's Michael Patrick Perry

Robotics and automation have transformed the manufacturing world, logistics, supply chains, and warehouses over the past few years. Thanks to the democratization of these tools, more companies are utilizing the kind of AI-powered robots that Dexterity specializes in.  

Michael Patrick Perry, Dexterity’s VP of Marketing, returns to the show for a third time to explore the transformational changes in robotics. We chat about how Dexterity solves common challenges in warehouses plus how the company has successfully scaled over the past few years.  

Michael also explains how a software-first approach makes robotics a more flexible and dynamic solution to common warehouse challenges. He explores how the democratization of robotics has changed the industry, leading to rapid deployment in warehouses and where AI can help companies with everything from logistics to marketing.  


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. A software-first approach to robotics means that instead of building three robots to handle three different tasks, one robot can be programmed for three different uses.  
  2. Dexterity isn’t just in the business of selling robots and AI solutions. It sells business outcomes, and that’s what makes them so valuable to their customers.  
  3. The democratization of robotics has meant that more organizations can deploy these solutions faster and with less upfront investment. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “It’s less important to be out there in front of everybody. It’s more important to be out in front of the right people.” 
  • “It’s no longer the spray and pray, let’s put out a message and just hope it works. It’s really understanding your customer and creating a custom experience of your brand for them.” 
  • “We don’t sell robots or software, we sell business outcomes.” 

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What We Discuss with Michael

  • The transformational change in robotics Michael has noticed since he was last on the podcast  
  • How Dexterity has scaled and grown in the past few years  
  • Michael explains the full scale of Dexterity’s robotics systems, starting from bread packing in warehouses 
  • Why Dexterity takes a software-first approach to robotics  
  • The transformation from single task-focused automation to full task automation 
  • How the democratization of robotics is expanding and what that means for companies that use it 
  • Michael explains how he’s seen Dexterity develop into a brand name  
  • Dexterity’s branding positioning as a seller of business outcomes, not just robotics and software deployment 
  • Marketing advice and tactics for other marketing leaders in the manufacturing space 
  • How AI is influencing the marketing space and how it can help marketers and leaders solve common problems 
  • How AI plays into Dexterity’s solutions as a core piece of its stack 
  • What Michael is most excited about seeing in the future of Dexterity  

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