175: The Evolution of Industrial Marketing, Live from the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit

Welcome to this special episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, recorded live at the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit in Austin Texas, where we chat with five awesome industrial marketers about the evolution of industrial marketing.  

The episode is divided into three parts and you’ll hear why an industrial marketing event is so important at the beginning of 2024, what a rebrand can really mean to an industrial company and how you can effectively market something that is a small part of a bigger industrial solution and make it exciting.  

Plus, we also talk to our brilliant marketers about what meaningful marketing looks like to an engineer, how B2B marketing can be just as cool and B2C, what industrial marketers should be taking advantage of right now. 

So join Chris as he talks with Adam Beck, Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions, Kerry Nedic, Strategic Marketing Leader at Baker Hughes, John Joyce, Founder & Systems Architect at Brijr.io, Amanda Marx, Senior VP of Marketing, Digital Strategy and IT at HARTING Americas and Melissa Geertz, Director of Marketing at Grey Solutions, for loads of excellent advice, insights and inspiration.  


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Industrial companies right now are in a different stage of sophistication compared to other businesses, so it’s an exciting time for the industry because it’s learning new things, adopting new ways of doing things and growing in its perception and execution of marketing.  
  2. We love our products and want to talk about them, but sometimes the product itself isn’t the thing that your reputation is built on. It may be the company or the services around it.  
  3. A rebrand is an opportunity to make sure your story is on point and it accurately tells what you’re about and what you do, whether you’re in the room or not.  

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “The marketing experience, the customer experience as a whole, is going to change for industrial companies over the next few years because industrial companies are just waking up to the value of the whole customer experience.” 
  • “We are small, scrappy teams and I don’t see that changing. But I think we are going to get so much better because of what AI is bringing to the table. So a small scrappy team’s ability to generate good content at scale has never been more possible.”
  • “The buyer’s journey evolves and it changes. And it’s so important to make sure that your strategy and your brand reflects that and addresses the buyer needs.”

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What We Discuss with the Guests

  • How things have changed in industrial marketing since the summit started in 2018 
  • Why an event around industrial marketing is so important at the beginning of 2024 
  • Where our marketing leads see the industrial space going over the next few years 
  • What is most exciting in industrial marketing at the moment? 
  • How you market a niche product that’s a part of a bigger industrial solution and make it interesting 
  • Ways industrial marketers can stand out when talking about the labor issue and sustainability 
  • Marketing’s role is about building a reputation with audiences that matter 
  • Number one focus for industrial marketers right now 
  • How AI is going to change the way  industrial marketers operate 
  • What a rebrand can mean for an industrial company 
  • Mistakes industrial companies make when it comes to getting their message out there 
  • Investing in marketing isn’t only about financial investment, but time and energy too 
  • Why it’s so important that sales and marketing are aligned 

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