Robotics and Automation in Additive Manufacturing with Liz Stortstrom, 3D Printing Product Manager at HP

Additive manufacturing isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, but are manufacturers using it as much as they could? And are we using it in the right way by teaming it up with automation?

According to Liz Stortstrom, 3D Printing Product Manager at HP, manufacturers are starting to lean into using additive manufacturing with automation – but we could do more to fully realize its potential!

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, Liz gives us a quick overview of her varied career – from engineering to operations, to her Spain-based product management role. She shares her take on why additive manufacturing and automation make the perfect pairing and her predictions for how the industry will develop in the future.

We also hear a little about which industries are leading the way, and how companies can get buy-in from their team and leadership to join in with the success.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Additive manufacturing can soothe common pain points in the manufacturing space, whether it’s creating prototypes cost-effectively or quickly adjusting parts.
  2. Manufacturers are looking for flexibility in the supply chain – and 3D printing can help to achieve that.
  3. Every 3D printing process has some sort of automation involved. But equally, there’s a place for 3D printing in the automation world too.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Every 3D printing process has some sort of automation inherently involved. Whether that be automating the movement of parts, the digital workflow, or around the quality control process.”
  • “A lot of companies need this higher level of agility, right? This higher level of flexibility. And how do you do that with the same old manufacturing methods?”
  • “You need a champion, usually an engineer, who is near the design and understands the benefits of additive manufacturing. At the same time, especially if you’re a big company, you need someone higher up to say, ‘we’re going to start using additive manufacturing more.’”

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What We Discuss with Liz

  • Liz explains her role as a product manager in additive manufacturing
  • Liz’s career story and how it began in engineering, moved into operations, and then additive manufacturing
  • How she realized that working in operations wasn’t for her and she needed to make a change
  • Lessons Liz learned from previous roles that tie into additive manufacturing
  • How 3D printing and automation go hand in hand
  • Industries that are leading the way in additive manufacturing
  • Liz shares her predictions on the future of additive manufacturing
  • The best people in a company to talk about 3D printing
  • Liz shares her experience of moving her career to Spain and what she’s learned

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