How to Win the War on Talent by Becoming a Veteran-Ready Organization Featuring Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz, LtCol, USAF, Retired

The difficulties manufacturers face when it comes to finding and retaining top talent is something we often discuss on this podcast, so it’s great to welcome a guest who has an excellent solution. In this episode, we speak with Retired Lieutenant Colonel (USAF), Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz.

Kathy shares her story with us about how she got into the military and eventually the industrial space. She explains what it means to be a veteran champion if you’re hoping to recruit veterans to your manufacturing team, and how you can ensure your organization is veteran-ready. She also provides an enlightening look at the broad skill sets that veterans bring to the table, from nursing to project management to sales, and gives us some tips on tangible ways to become an advocate for veterans in everyday life.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. The business case for hiring veterans is well understood. Companies are hiring veterans in record numbers, so much so that veteran unemployment is 3% or less because employers understand that veterans are good workers.
  2. To keep veterans on board and leverage their skill sets, an employer must be veteran-ready. This means having systems in place, strong messaging, and appropriate onboarding processes. And if the size of the organization warrants it, something like a veteran voice committee.
  3. Veterans and manufacturing are an ideal combination because veterans leave the military with a varied set of skills and experiences, including technical, project management, and mechanical as well as resourcefulness, adaptability, and leadership.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “My appreciation for the technical aptitudes that service members bring to the workplace is particularly relevant in the manufacturing industry.”
  • “I invite you to join the veteran champion movement and be a part of the win because it really is a win when you get to know a veteran, understand their life story, their experiences. So I contend that it improves your quality of life.”
  • “’Thank you for wearing the uniform.’ That is super special because it implies that you have some appreciation for what it means to us to take the oath of office, to make that commitment and the pride and professionalism we feel when we wear the uniform.’”

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What We Discuss with Kathy

  • Kathy shares her favorite type of grilled cheese!
  • We hear about what it means to be veteran-ready vs veteran-friendly
  • Kathy takes a deep dive into her journey in the military
  • Why her adaptability and problem-solving skills drew Kathy to the military
  • The diversity of experiences that come out of being in the military
  • Kathy shares why she wrote her book, Beyond “Thank You For Your Service:” The Veteran Champion Handbook for Civilians
  • What can manufacturing leaders do to increase retention of veterans and improve mentorship?
  • Why it’s so important to develop a veteran hiring program
  • Kathy tells us about the Veteran Hiring Academy courses in April and September each year

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