188: Adopting a Cybersecurity Strategy That Fits Your Manufacturing Business with Mollie Breen, CEO & Founder of Perygee

How do you adopt a cybersecurity strategy that fits your manufacturing business?

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, host Chris Lueke is speaking to Mollie Breen, CEO & Founder of Perygee, an automation platform for IT and security teams, built to eliminate the visibility challenges of the digital-first world.

They kick off by exploring significant developments in cybersecurity over the past few years. Mollie highlights the dual role AI plays, assisting both hackers in identifying vulnerabilities and defenders in fortifying network security. She underscores the importance of reverting to cybersecurity fundamentals amid tech evolutions, noting that a shift back to basics is essential for adapting to new threats effectively.

Mollie provides background on her time at the NSA, revealing the surprising routine nature of tackling seemingly insurmountable tasks due to robust capabilities and top-tier expertise available. Her time at the NSA played a crucial role in her entrepreneurial journey with Perygee, where she navigated the intricate processes within governmental organizations to introduce innovative security measures.

Mollie and Chris also discuss practical advice for implementing cybersecurity strategies within organizations of varying sizes. Mollie touches on the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by medical device companies due to heavy regulations and the criticality of their operations. The conversation then moves to the timing and evolution of cybersecurity roles within growing businesses.

To wrap up, they discuss the potential for leadership in cybersecurity across all levels of an organization. This episode is packed with valuable insights for leaders across the manufacturing sector looking to enhance their cybersecurity strategies and foster a more secure operational environment.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Cyber is an offensive and a defensive game. You are seeing hackers using AI to crack passwords more quickly and find and exploit and networks more easily. But you are also seeing AI on the defensive side.
  2. If your organization has skipped all the foundational things and bought the latest and greatest cybersecurity tool, chances are they’re reacting to the headlines. While it’s good that people are more informed, doing something just out of fear may not be the best decision for the organization.
  3. Training can go such a long way in helping people question whether it’s a good idea to open the link or not. But strong processes around potential threats and how to prioritize them helps to back that up.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “You have to remember cyber is an offensive and a defensive game.”
  • “Inevitably every time you have to secure a new thing, there’s an ushering in of going back to the basics and asking yourself, ‘what do we do?”
  • “I’m glad we’re moving into a position where people are more informed. Doing something just out of fear of the headlines isn’t necessarily the best decision for the organization.”

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What We Discuss with Mollie

  • What’s new in cybersecurity, AI, and going back to basics
  • Mollie’s journey with the NSA and how that lead to her founding Perygee
  • Mollie offers practical cybersecurity advice for companies of all sizes
  • How training can go a long way in the context of cyber security
  • Mollie expounds on the right approach to cybersecurity in public vs. private companies
  • Unpacking cybersecurity strategies for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Understanding the unique cybersecurity challenges in medical devices
  • The benefits of learning from different cybersecurity approaches across industries
  • Mollie talks about the future of cybersecurity leadership in manufacturing

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