189: Lowering Barriers to Entry in Adopting Robotics with Søren Peters, Founder and CEO of HowToRobot.com

The barrier to entry when it comes to robotics is breaking down fast. More and more companies and industries are realizing that robotics is a realistic solution to all sorts of problems. And companies like HowToRobot are paving the way forward.

In this episode, we sit down with Søren Peters, CEO and Founder of HowToRobot.com, a platform that provides information and advice on robot suppliers and industrial automation. We hear how Søren stepped away from the world of IT and found his feet in the world of robotics.

He shares his take on the evolution of robots, the challenges in adoption, the disconnect between suppliers and buyers, and more. We talk about why manufacturers tend to focus on automating complex tasks over easier, more immediately impactful ones.

We round off the episode with some fun talk about Danish expressions and favorite beer spots in the U.S. and Copenhagen in true Manufacturing Happy Hour style!


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. A common mistake when implementing robotics is trying to tackle the hardest tasks facing humans first. But the low-hanging fruit should be the first step.
  2. When communicating the value of robotics to others in your organization, you may have to change how you explain things to align with the language they understand.
  3. The uptake of robotics is growing but as it becomes more commonplace, standardization will likely increase in importance.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “I think a lot of people in the manufacturing world are past the “why robots,” if that makes sense. The “how,” on the other hand, I think it’s a big one, you know, where do you get started?”
  • “We see sadly often that they start by replicating a human. They think of it as an addition, or an add-on, or a replacement of that specific person’s task, which is often a terrible place to start.”
  • “The platform game is still too immature. You need to help the buyer much, much more and sometimes the seller. So, there’s an advisory management part to this that if we don’t do that, these deals are just going to fall through.”

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What We Discuss with Søren

  • How companies can get started with robotics in manufacturing
  • Why manufacturing companies have gone beyond the “why should we use robots stage?”
  • A common mistake when using robots for the first time
  • Why people get overwhelmed when purchasing robotics equipment
  • Why custom solutions aren’t always the best option and how it can hurt your chances of getting financing
  • How the industry can make robots more accessible
  • The common challenges in financing robot equipment
  • Why more people are seeing the value of what HowToRobot has to offer
  • Why Søren made his career pivot from IT to robots
  • Søren’s predictions on robotics in the next few years
  • Danish phrases and beer talk!

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