How do you rebrand an iconic St. Louis beer that’s 169-years-old? You need to understand the cultures it connects with, create a customer base that drives the brand forward on your behalf, and have passion that allows you to make courageous decisions.

No one knows this better than master marketer and “conductor of creativity” Corey Smale. Corey is the Brand Manager for Stag Beer, one of Pabst Brewing’s regional beers. Over the past year, Corey has reshaped the brand while still respecting its heritage, and it’s reflected in the beer’s sales growth.

In this episode, Corey walks us through his journey as a marketer – most recently leading the Stag brand – and how they’ve connected with their audience and executed on “dope ideas” – from live events to user-generated content – that have resulted in gaining market share for the first time in years. There are plenty of actionable marketing ideas that B2B brands can pull from this beer-fueled conversation.


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