The State of Robotics: Live From the 2024 Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston, MA

Think about a world where robots are ubiquitous. Where robots are a part of our lives like The Jetsons promised us. Like having WALL-E or R2-D2 as a buddy. The Robotics Summit & Expo is a precursor to that…

The Robotics Summit & Expo – hosted by WTWH Media – is an event focused on the commercialization of robots. The work that needs to be done to get robots out into the world. To make them more adoptable by industrial companies. This is where engineers and developers get educated on where robotics are today, and what work still needs to done – the technology, the business models, etc. – to deliver on the promises of robotics – the positive promises of robotics – that many of us probably grew up envisioning.

This episode is a recap of the event with various interviews mixed in. Guests and co-hosts include:

  • Jonathan Hurst, Chief Robotics Officer at Agility Robotics
  • Joyce Sidopoulos, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations at MassRobotics
  • Scott Sizemore, Director of Commercial Marketing at Electrocraft
  • Meaghan Ziemba, Host of Mavens of Manufacturing
  • Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial
  • Mike Oitzman, Co-Host of The Robot Report Podcast


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. One of the top challenges in the adoption of robotics comes down to money. Robotics and hardware startups are very capital-intensive.
  2. Robots are quickly becoming more than just a cool idea for tech fans. There’s a growing commercial need and want for robotics both in industry and consumer brands.
  3. AI is helping to drive demand and improve the capabilities of robotics. Not only can robotics companies make a robot that’s physically capable, but AI can also make them smart enough to handle complex problems.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Everyone looks at something from a different perspective. And when you have different people in the room, your background is different or where you grew up is different, you’re going to come at it with a different point of view. And that’s really important.” – Meaghan Ziemba, Host of Mavens of Manufacturing
  • “We’re going to have to keep getting better, faster, and more efficient. But the increased collaboration between the customer, application, and the supplier, that’s going to keep getting better and better until you see that really blur into a partnership.” – Scott Sizemore, Director of Commercial Marketing at Electrocraft 
  • “We’re in this gold rush where everybody knows there’s a huge amount of value in understanding this technology and applying it and figuring out the business models for the pieces of the technology. Everybody is just racing to figure out how to deploy it and apply it. And that’s super exciting.” – Jonathan Hurst, Chief Robotics Officer at Agility Robotics

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What We Cover in This Episode

  • Introduction to the 2024 Robotics Summit and Expo in Boston
  • The challenges facing robotics startups
  • The importance of diversity in tech, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Electrocraft’s approach to solving motion problems
  • How AI is accelerating robotics technology
  • Why the commercial need for robotics is growing
  • Advice for aspiring engineers, manufacturers and robotics experts

Recommended Resources

  • Robotics Summit & Expo, the world’s leading robotics development event with keynote speakers and networking opportunities
  • Agility Robotics, world’s leading manufacturer of mobile manipulation robots, humanoid robots, and automation solutions
  • Electrocraft, customizable motion control and fractional horsepower motors
  • MassRobotics, independent robotics hub to create and scale the next generation of robotics
  • Mavens of Manufacturing, a live video series hosted by Meaghan Ziemba that celebrates women in manufacturing
  • The Manufacturing Millennial, Jake Hall’s personal brand for discussing the latest tech in automation and manufacturing
  • The Robot Report podcast, a podcast featuring discussions with leading robotics experts and companies

Connect with Featured Guests

Jonathan Hurst | Joyce Sidopoulos | Scott Sizemore | Meaghan Ziemba | Jake Hall | Mike Oitzman