Mark Carrigan, COO of PAS

Mark Carrigan, COO of PAS

We have another security episode in store for you this week. We’re talking to Mark Carrigan, the COO of PAS Global, a company that reduces process safety risks and delivers software solutions that prevent, detect, and remediate cyber threats.

In this episode, we kick things off by defining what “OT integrity” means while taking on some misconceptions about cybersecurity. We also discuss establishing a culture of safety and security in the process industry before covering the impact that digitalization is having on the cyber threat landscape. All of this while giving a couple of shoutouts to our favorite Houston, TX pubs.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Process companies are on a journey to improve safety, improve security, and unlock the value of digitalization. All 3 of those require OT integrity across the facility’s production assets.
  2. Avoid “shiny object syndrome” in cybersecurity. Don’t focus on making investments in the coolest, newest technologies, but rather the solutions that reduce the most risk.
  3. Leaders in the process industry are seeing the link between safety and security. Just like a culture of safety, companies are really starting to adopt cultures of security as well.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “A breach is inevitable. How can you minimize the impact of that breach?” –Mark Carrigan

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What We Discuss with Mark

  • After reminiscing about some of our favorite Houston, TX bars, Mark kicks off our conversation by defining what OT integrity means.
  • Mark shares why a risk-based approach is the best way to spend cybersecurity dollars.
  • Start with the fundamentals: Establishing a good inventory. Understanding vulnerabilities. Understanding the risks within the network.
  • Mark discusses the difference between network anomaly detection and asset management in cybersecurity.
  • Security has lagged in the process industry due to the age of critical infrastructure, but it’s picking up as companies are building out cultures focused on safety.
  • To have a true asset inventory, you need to know the hardware, software, and firmware. Learn what you have, and then learn the vulnerabilities.
  • Mark shares why even field devices like transmitters need to be considered in an asset inventory, even when they appear to be a minor part of an overall system.
  • Thanks to digitalization, there is a tremendous demand for more data, creating more pathways for a cyber attack.

Recommended Resources

  • PAS Global, the OT Integrity company, delivering software solutions that a.) prevent, detect, & remediate cyber threats, b.) reduce process safety risks and optimize profitability, and c.) enable trusted data for decision-making
  • PAS OptICS Conference, the premier virtual event for OT cybersecurity and process integrity in critical infrastructure
  • Cyber Essentials, from
  • Kenneally’s Irish Pub, the #1 Irish pub in Houston, TX
  • Red Lion Pub, Houston’s best British pub that’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, located across the street from Kenneally’s

Connect with Mark and PAS Global

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