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Kristin Russum is a Director of Human Capital Services at TriNet. Having spent almost 2 decades as an HR leader across a number of companies, at TriNet, she’s now helping small and medium size businesses implement full-service HR solutions tailored by industry.

In this episode, Kristin takes us through her journey in the HR world and shares some of her best HR tips that every manufacturing leader should keep in mind. From succession planning to creating workplaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive, Kristin makes it clear that creating a people-centric organization doesn’t just stop and start at the HR department.

About TriNet:

TriNet is a professional employer organization that provides small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from HR complexities, TriNet offers access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. From Main Street to Wall Street, TriNet empowers SMBs to focus on what matters most—growing their business.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. For most companies, the largest expense is typically people.
  2. When decisions in an organization are being made, it’s important to have a diversity of roles represented in that decision process.
  3. DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) is a collective effort. Self-reflection, reading, and recognizing that you have bias are a few of the actions every individual within an organization can take to create a stronger, more inclusive workplace environment.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “We’re in the business of risk mitigation.” –Kristin Russum
  • “Employees don’t leave their companies…they leave their managers.” –Kristin Russum
  • “How would I describe my role over a glass of wine? To be quite candid, I would say the often I’m an underpaid therapist.” –Kristin Russum

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What We Discuss with Kristin

  • Kristin shares her background. After getting a degree in accounting, she transitioned to recruiting and HR. Kristin discusses how her financial background has helped her along this career path.
  • We discuss why having diversity in roles when making a decision is so important, especially in manufacturing.
  • Kristin explains the difference between “good turnover” and “bad turnover” and the importance of having tough conversations about succession planning.
  • We talk about the importance of having good managers and mentors in the context of Kristin’s career.
  • We list the HR issues most frequently encountered in the manufacturing industry, from worker’s comp to employee relations.
  • Kristin shares the 3-prong approach in HR to diversity, equality, and inclusion and the importance of starting DEI initiatives early before a workforce gets too large.

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