Following Your Passion in 3D Printing with Greg Paulse

Greg Paulsen is the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, offering industry-leading manufacturing and 3D printing on demand. While we can’t help but highlight Greg’s experience as a wine educator back in his college days, today, he leads the Application Engineering team at Xometry as an advanced manufacturing expert and 3D printing evangelist.

In this episode, we talk about the inner workings of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Greg is so passionate about his role in the 3D printing universe that it is sure to inspire you to follow your own passion in your career. Greg also shares some actionable tips to help advance your career before he debunks some of the biggest myths around 3D printing and lets us in on a few industry secrets. Finally, we wrap up the conversation with a discussion focused on Greg’s second passion – good wine and good company.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Don’t jump on the 3D printing hype train – many people assume it is a miracle tool, but it is still best utilized by understanding the machine’s needs.
  2. You should pursue your dream job, but make sure you have gained relevant experience for the role.
  3. When it comes to throughput, the additive usually does well and can compete with molding technologies when it’s a smaller component.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Someone who’s a fantastic communicator, who can also learn a technical expertise, is a jewel.” – Greg Paulsen
  • “Manufacturing and real production is the new 3D printing frontier.” – Greg Paulsen
  • “In 3D printing, you can put different features together in a way that you couldn’t naturally combine.” – Greg Paulsen

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What We Discuss with Greg

  • How Greg adapted a unique perspective through various successes and failures in using 3D additive manufacturing and how it has helped grow his reputation as an advanced manufacturing expert
  • Greg reveals how he got started in the wine industry and how the experience helped improve his communication skills
  • How Greg went from working in wine education to his current role as Director of Application Engineering at Xometry
  • Greg debunks two common myths around 3D printing
  • How prototyping is like “going from an analog to a digital camera”
  • Why Greg is so passionate about 3D printing and how his unique skill set aligns with the manufacturing industry
  • Greg shares some great career tips and advice to help you get your dream job
  • How manufacturing and real production as the new 3D printing frontier can scale in terms of customer acceptance, cosmetics, cost, output, etc.
  • How the aerospace industry accumulates an amazing ROI by reducing the weight of their parts and reducing the counterparts in their assembly
  • The ROI benefits of adopting metal additive manufacturing in aerospace
  • Greg reveals what comes first – CAD or 3D printing
  • We wrap up our conversation with some wine recommendations, and Greg shares a simplified description of what Xometry does

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