Attracting the Next Generation of Manufacturing Talent with "The Manufacturing Millennial" Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a believer that the future of manufacturing is in the hands of millennials. By day he’s a Business Development Manager at Feyen Zylstra, but most people know him as “The Manufacturing Millennial.” Through conversations and online manufacturing videos that he releases on a constant basis, he’s doing his part to highlight the excitement behind automation and high-tech manufacturing.

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we talk to Jake about how he built such a strong personal brand and his thoughts on the future of manufacturing. Jake discusses the increasing need for millennials in manufacturing and how they can bring some much-needed innovation into the industry. Jake also shares how he balances his day job with The Manufacturing Millennial brand and his top LinkedIn networking tips.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. The best way to drive innovation in manufacturing is to hire innovative people – and millennials are some of the most innovative people out there.
  2. One of the top mistakes people make on social media is to focus too much on selling when they should be focusing on solutions and building connections.
  3. With an increasingly aging workforce, the manufacturing industry needs to do more to attract younger talent and embrace new technology.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Stop selling your product, start solving problems…If you solve the problems, selling is easy.” – Jake Hall
  • “Millennials are some of the most innovative people out there.” – Jake Hall
  • “The manufacturing workforce is aging, and as people in skilled trades are retiring, there are huge gaps out there for new electricians and programmers.” – Jake Hall

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What We Discuss with Jake

  • We discuss how Jake got started with The Manufacturing Millennial
  • How Jake creates engaging content on LinkedIn to build a recognizable brand
  • Why more big brands aren’t taking advantage of repurposing manufacturing processes and creating engaging content
  • The power of LinkedIn for anyone in the manufacturing industry and why Jake views LinkedIn as a social networking site for professionals
  • How networking has benefited Jake and his personal brand
  • The core reason why Jake pursued manufacturing
  • Jake shares his thoughts on the best paths younger people can take in manufacturing
  • Why the manufacturing industry needs millennials and their innovations
  • How to find time to build a personal brand

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  • Feyen Zylstra, a team of highly skilled thinkers who help electrical and tech industries with innovative solutions.
  • Titans of CNC, one of Jake’s favorite LinkedIn accounts to check out.

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