Using Content to Create a Digital Twin of Your Sales Team with Winbound's Greg Mischio

If you’re familiar with the term “digital twin” in manufacturing, maybe it’s time to start thinking of blogs, videos, and social media content as the digital twin of your sales force. Greg Mischio is the Owner & Founder of Winbound, a marketing agency that provides content marketing for small marketing departments with a focus on manufacturing and industrial verticals. He also knows a thing or two about good beer in Madison, WI (which is definitely a plus).

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we sit down with Greg to chat about all things content marketing. We look at how you can create real results with great content by understanding why customers buy. Greg shares the common mistakes people make with content marketing, why the written word is still critical, and how you can build a presence through referrals. We round off our talk on the best ways to get started with content marketing.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. One of the top mistakes in content marketing is focusing only on the tactics, tricks, and algorithms while forgetting to focus on the real people consuming that content. Always put people first!
  2. Understanding what makes people buy is key to creating content that resonates. Think about how your content can get customers to “know, like, and trust you.”
  3. Those new to content marketing should focus on what they’re awesome at. Rather than trying to do everything, focus on that one medium you can blow people away with.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Sales start with great content.”
  • “What are you awesome at? If you’re a small marketing team, focus on that and then bring in help around you because it’s hard to do it on your own.”
  • “If you’re servicing people and you’ve got something of value, they’re probably going to keep you around.”

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What We Discuss with Greg

  • What a “digital twin” is in the context of sales and content marketing (not in the manufacturing definition)
  • The importance of bringing value and getting real results
  • The number one mistake people make in content marketing
  • Why the written word is still critical in sales and marketing
  • How to use a content as a digital twin of your sales team in manufacturing
  • Why referrals are so important to building an online presence
  • The best way to get started in content marketing

Recommended Resources

  • Winbound, a marketing agency that creates content that’s mapped to the customer journey and marketing for distribution via search, social, and niche-based paid advertising. Winbound’s clients have enjoyed double and triple-digit increases in traffic and leads.
  • Vintage Brewing Company, house-made craft beer and food with multiple locations in the Madison, WI area
  • ALT Brew, a Madison, WI-based brewery that makes gluten-free beer taste good
  • Café Hollander, a restaurant with excellent Belgian beers with locations in Milwaukee and Madison

Connect with Greg and Winbound

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