Leading the New American Manufacturing Renaissance with Andrew Crowe

Andrew Crowe might just be the most important person in manufacturing right now. He’s a teacher, brand energizer, and a strong proponent for diversity in manufacturing, but that’s just scratching the surface.

After discovering the promise and potential of manufacturing after college, he created the Elevate Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. Elevate is a program that brings together companies, educators, and the next generation of aspiring youth to fill critical manufacturing jobs and lead the new American manufacturing renaissance.

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, Andrew shares his story and how he finally found his passion in manufacturing. He discusses why manufacturing is such a great career for young people in terms of salary, training, and progression. He also shares how he teaches and inspires the next generation of manufacturing industry leaders.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Manufacturing is a great career option for those who would rather not go to college and end up in debt. There are many routes into the industry and a college degree isn’t necessary.
  2. Manufacturing is one of the few careers with a combination of decent pay and a low barrier to entry.
  3. Companies are increasingly looking to improve diversity in manufacturing, but they need help when it comes to staff retention, which is where Andrew and Elevate come in.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “We’re moving from a skilled trade to a smart trade.”
  • “Industry 4.0 is on the way right now.”
  • “All hope is not lost. American manufacturing is coming back.”

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What We Discuss with Andrew

  • How Andrew’s background influenced his decision to go to college and pursue a career
  • How Andrew first discovered his passion for manufacturing
  • Elevate’s mission to inspire the next generation of manufacturing industry leaders
  • Diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing industry
  • How Andrew works with individuals and companies to get people into manufacturing

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