How Skills Matchmaking Technology Fills Critical Manufacturing Jobs with's Patrick O'Rahilly

Patrick O’Rahilly is the Founder of FactoryFix, a Chicago and Madison-based technology company connecting manufacturers with a network of vetted, skilled professionals through their innovative matchmaking platform. Said another way, Patrick and FactoryFix are taking on the hiring challenges of the manufacturing sector head-on!

This episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour was recorded live during a fireside chat from one of our recent virtual happy hours. We cover common hiring mistakes, Patrick’s thoughts on the current manufacturing labor market, and what the future of hiring looks like for manufacturers. Then, we open it up to a Q&A and discussion with the rest of the Manufacturing Happy Hour Industry Community.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. A common mistake in recruiting is making the process unnecessarily long with multiple steps. Recruitment is fast-paced, and you need a solid hiring system in place.
  2. Many hiring decisions are reactive when they should be proactive. Being proactive and establishing clear career paths can improve both recruitment and retention.
  3. One of the issues that employers overlook is pay rates, which is a common problem in attracting new talent to the manufacturing workforce.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Land and expand. Get in the door, show what you can do and justify that higher wage.”
  • “There’s a lot of unnecessary friction in recruiting and the hiring process…if you’re not hitting these applicants up the same day, forget about it, they’re gone.”
  • “A lot of hiring is reactive. There’s no plan for an employee once they get hired into one of these production positions.”

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What We Discuss with Patrick

  • How FactoryFix plays matchmaker between talented professionals and employers
  • The most common mistakes people make with recruitment
  • Why you should be proactive, not reactive when hiring
  • Why employers need to address the pay rates problem
  • Patrick’s tips for people new to the industry

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