A Look Ahead to the Next Decade in Manufacturing featuring Salesforce's Ryan Moylan

What does a future-ready manufacturer look like? What trends and practices are here to stay post-pandemic?

These are just a couple of the questions that Salesforce set out to answer in their recent Trends in Manufacturing Report. After talking to over 750 industry leaders across the manufacturing world to get their take on the future of manufacturing, we had to take the opportunity to learn more about this through an interview with Salesforce’s Director of Manufacturing, Automotive, and Energy, Ryan Moylan.

In this episode, Ryan takes us through the facts and figures of the Salesforce report and discusses what they could mean for the future of manufacturing. He also shares some insights into what makes a future-ready manufacturer and how the top companies managed to weather the storm of COVID-19.

Ryan rounds it off by sharing the top three things that will help manufacturers succeed over the next decade. He says the top priority is to design a digital transformation roadmap.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Most people know Salesforce as the CRM company, but Ryan explains how Salesforce takes a 360-degree view of all aspects of a business.
  2. What makes a resilient company? Ryan says it’s a mixture of taking a proactive response and being agile enough to adapt quickly.
  3. To succeed over the next decade, manufacturers have to hammer out a digital transformation roadmap as a priority.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Companies need to really hammer out a digital transformation roadmap they can get behind.”
  • “Future-ready manufacturers are ahead as it relates to thinking about and delivering on servitization.”
  • “There are more and more companies that see a first-mover do some things around digital transformation. And they say, ‘Hey, they’re setting a precedent that we need to meet.’”

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What We Discuss with Ryan

  • Ryan gives us an introduction to Salesforce’s manufacturing side
  • Ryan discusses Salesforce’s Trends in Manufacturing report
  • How COVID has been an accelerant for a lot of initiatives
  • How companies are preparing for the future
  • The importance of agility and a proactive response
  • Why companies need a digital transformation roadmap
  • Why future-ready manufacturers store so much in the cloud
  • Ryan’s top three things that companies will need to do to succeed in the next decade

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