What’s Next in Additive Manufacturing with Jeff Mize, CEO of PostProcess Technologies

We’re back with another additive manufacturing episode of the podcast. This time, we’re talking to Jeff Mize, the CEO of PostProcess Technologies. Jeff and his team are revolutionizing additive manufacturing by pioneering automated and intelligent solutions to remove the biggest bottleneck in the 3D printing process: post-processing.

Yes, the company is literally named after the third step in the additive manufacturing process. PostProcess is basically the Kleenex of the 3D printing world. Talk about great branding!

In this episode, Jeff takes us through how PostProcess spotted a gap in the market and transformed it with a little help from data science and digitization. We talk about how additive manufacturing is taking the medical and dental worlds by storm, and why PostProcess is committed to making its operations as safe and sustainable as possible. We also get to hear the biggest lesson that Jeff learned from his time in Silicon Valley and how it’s helped to shape the trajectory of his career.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Applying data science helped to transform each step of the additive manufacturing process.
  2. Additive manufacturing isn’t just useful for rapid prototypes. It’s increasingly used in production as well, particularly in the medical and dental fields.
  3. 3D printing can produce a lot of waste, so PostProcess Technologies is determined to make it more sustainable and safer.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “They have developed 3D printed guides for surgery…printed for each individual patient, which takes a lot of the guesswork out. And so, the surgeon becomes less of an artist and more of a scientist.”
  • “Many people weren’t measuring their ROI in terms of how much time they were actually spending on post-printing. In fact, on average of the post-print spend is about 25 to 30% of the overall cost.”
  • “When I started digging in additive manufacturing, I thought, this market is absolutely ripe to leverage data science.”

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What We Discuss with Jeff

  • What the three steps in additive process design are
  • How PostProcess Technologies spotted a gap in the post-printing market
  • Why additive manufacturing is ripe for leveraging data science
  • The biggest lesson Jeff learned from his time in Silicon Valley
  • How additive manufacturing is transforming the medical and dental world
  • Why PostProcess is determined to improve safety and sustainability
  • The biggest challenges in the manufacturing sector

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