From Operations to Climate Change, Digital Transformation Impacts Everything featuring Microsoft's Çağlayan Arkan

Çağlayan Arkan is the Vice President of Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Microsoft. This week, he’s here to share how digital transformation impacts so many aspects of manufacturing as well as our daily lives.

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, Çağlayan covers a lot of ground. From talking about digital transformation in the industry to the skills gap, automation, and sustainability, Çağlayan demonstrates just how important digital transformation is across the board.

Çağlayan shares some fantastic tips for those interested in manufacturing and urges people to consider it as a lucrative career path. He also shares some insights into the future of manufacturing and how automation will affect our ability to be sustainable and take action on climate change.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Digital transformation isn’t a standalone process. It can (and should) impact every corner of a business and its industry.
  2. While digital transformation will cost jobs, it will replace them in great numbers. The downside is that the skills gap is only getting bigger.
  3. Digital transformation can give sustainability goals a kickstart, starting with increasing awareness of unsustainable measures in the industry.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “It starts with awareness, informing policy, and then operationally again acting on data.”
  • “Regardless of age, gender, geography and culture, and even language, you can be valuable, you can be productive, and you can be part of supply chains and manufacturing companies or operations.”
  • “The only thing that you cannot afford to do is not take action or wait.”

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What We Discuss with Çağlayan

  • How manufacturing has adapted (or been slow to adapt) to digital transformation
  • How adopting technology should influence company culture
  • Why the skills gap is only getting bigger
  • Why manufacturing is open to all
  • How digital transformation can aid in sustainability goals
  • Çağlayan’s top tips for manufacturing professionals

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