Can data transform the product design world?

That’s what Instrumental was created to do. Instrumental is a manufacturing optimization platform that uses data and AI to help companies improve their product lines. It cuts down on time spent diagnosing problems and faults and helps businesses ship out products faster.

To tell us all about it, Instrumental’s inspiring CEO and Founder, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, joins this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour.

In this episode, Anna takes us behind-the-scenes at Instrumental and details exactly how it works so well. She explains the benefits of using data and how she came up with the idea after working in product design teams at Apple. Anna also explains why she started the Women in STEM Mentorship Program and how Instrumental bagged a spot on the Inc 5000 list.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. The old way of finding faults and solving them in product design is no longer needed thanks to Instrumental’s data and AI-focused solution.
  2. In product design, you need to focus on shipping out one product first because one is the first of many.
  3. Engineers spend 60% of their time on non-engineering tasks, which paves the way for companies like Instrumental to design more efficient, modern alternatives.=

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “We have customers that tell us it’s like tripling the size of your engineering team to just have access to the data.”
  • “What was kind of an interesting thing for me was just understanding that perfection is really difficult, and how hard it is to actually build something, millions of things, tens of thousands of things, it’s so hard.”
  • “One is the first step to many.”

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What We Discuss with Anna

  • How Instrumental uses product data to improve the manufacturing process
  • Anna’s experience at Apple and what she learned there
  • How school science fairs inspired and prepared her for being an entrepreneur
  • How AI can help manufacturers find product faults
  • How Instrumental helps companies improve their product design
  • Why Anna started the Women in STEM Mentorship Program
  • How Instrumental ended up on the Inc 5000 list

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  • Gelatio, a spot in downtown Palo Alto that has amazing gelato, served alfresco, European style
  • Women in STEM Mentorship Program, a program Anna started to help women studying in STEM to transition into industry

Connect with Anna and Instrumental

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky | Twitter | LinkedIn