Is it time to finally put the spotlight on manufacturing?

Traditionally, manufacturing has been a world people outside the industry don’t hear much about. It’s not seen as a flashy industry. People aren’t making TV shows and Hollywood movies about it.

Manufacturing has been a bit behind when it comes to marketing, social media, and industry influencers. But things are starting to change. Tony Gunn, General Manager at MTDCNC Global, is on a mission to tackle this. He aims to help manufacturing get the voice and platform that it deserves.

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, Tony shares his best advice around promotion and some tips for getting ahead on LinkedIn. He explains why manufacturers need a way to show their authentic selves online.

Tony also talks about the work he’s doing to help encourage schoolchildren to consider manufacturing as a career path. He believes this is essential to tackle the growing skills gap.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. You can come across manufacturing as a career path by accident and work your way up if you’re open to learning as much as possible.
  2. Manufacturing has rarely been in the spotlight in the same way as other career paths. There’s been a hesitancy to promote the industry online, but people like Tony are trying to change that.
  3. Encouraging underrepresented people and children to consider manufacturing as a career path can help close the skills gap.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “If you are a company that’s just getting into it and you want to brand yourself, go to Google, go to Instagram, put in the hashtag that you think is going to be the hashtag that you want for your company.”
  • “We’re not great at understanding how to utilize our voice on a global scale that gets echoed on places like social media, because many manufacturing and engineering, when it comes to the world of marketing is not like movies and TV shows and fashion and that industry.”
  • “We’re inspiring women to join us in a male-dominated industry.”

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What We Discuss with Tony

  • How Tony first came across manufacturing
  • Why Tony’s mission is to put the spotlight on manufacturing
  • The top tips for social media and content creation in manufacturing
  • Why manufacturers struggle to show their authenticity online
  • How promoting manufacturing to kids can help close the skills gap

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Connect with Tony and MTDCNC Global

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