Common Cybersecurity Threats and What to Do about Them with Dana Mantilia

Dana Mantilia is a cybersecurity expert specializing in security and employee training, as well as identity theft protection. She’s the Founder of Identity Protection Planning, where she assists small to medium-sized businesses through her security products and services. Plus, she’s built a great name for herself in the security space through her viral videos that simplify some of the most important topics in cybersecurity.

In this episode, Dana takes us through some of the simple steps that all businesses need to take to ensure they’re better protected from cyber-attacks. She explains why businesses shouldn’t just relegate cybersecurity to the IT department. It should be something that everyone gets involved in.

Dana shares the two simplest ways everyone can better protect themselves and the company they work for and why cybersecurity practices start at home.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Good cybersecurity practice starts at home. We need to get into the habit of taking it seriously with our own personal devices so we’re better prepared to stay safe in the workplace.
  2. There’s a lot of emphasis on firewalls and software, but basic cybersecurity starts with being savvy with passwords and suspicious emails.
  3. There’s no such thing as a business being too small to hack. You may not think your data is valuable to a hacker, but it is to you. Hackers take advantage of that.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “From a hacker’s point of view, it’s 100 times easier to trick somebody into giving something away versus trying to learn how to hack all this stuff and get into the system.”
  • “Let’s start with some basic cyber hygiene, some basic policies, and get the culture within the organization to start paying a little bit more attention to what we’re clicking on.”
  • “85% of the problems are being caused by the non-technical people either clicking on something or giving away credentials accidentally.”

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What We Discuss with Dana

  • Why most cybersecurity issues stem from non-technical employees
  • Why education on cybersecurity is essential
  • How to start with the basics of cybersecurity
  • Why cybersecurity isn’t just about firewalls
  • Why being a small company doesn’t mean you’re safe from hackers
  • Starting steps that companies can take to become more secure
  • How Dana’s company meets CMMC requirements
  • Why you should probably change your Google account password

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