Industry 4.0 Trends and Data That Actually Matters with Jeff Winter

Jeff Winter is an Industry Executive for Manufacturing at Microsoft who helps manufacturers across the US digitally transform at scale. Plus, he’s seen a few things over the past 15 years through his involvement in the Industry 4.0 community and Smart Manufacturing-centric leadership within organizations like ISA (International Society of Automation).

In this episode, Jeff shares some fascinating statistics and trends in data management and digital transformation. He explores how the present data generation and storage habits call for more defined data strategies going forward. We hear some IoT trends and common barriers to a successful digital transformation initiative.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Companies are generating more data, but most are not taking advantage of that data, let alone knowing what data aligns with their objectives
  2. Quality is the number one reason companies adopt IoT, while security is a measure of success
  3. Most digital transformation initiatives don’t actually drive transformation

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Digital transformation drastically changes the way companies operate, which is both scary and difficult.”
  • “Spend as much time investing in the right company culture as you do in the right technology.”
  • “Part of your company’s overall data strategy works its way backward into the data roles needed within the organization.”

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What We Discuss with Jeff

  • Why there’s a growing gap between data generated and storage capabilities (with statistics!)
  • What current trends are around the different types of data
  • Why data roles are rising in demand
  • Interesting trends in IoT
  • Why most digital transformation initiatives fail
  • How company culture affects how organizations address new technology

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