Rethinking Trade Shows and Dialing in Your Value Prop with Jose Palomino

Our guest this week is Jose Palomino, the CEO of Value Prop. Jose works with B2B business owners to unlock new growth by helping them ensure their value proposition actually aligns with the biggest challenge their ideal customers are facing and making sure there’s a sales process and delivery to support that. He’s also the author of a book also called Value Prop, host of the podcast Business Growth on Purpose, and teaches MBA courses at Villanova focused on Management and Entrepreneurial Marketing.

In this episode, Jose discusses the importance of creating a value proposition, especially for companies in the sub $10 million range. He also highlights the top mistakes manufacturing leaders make with their marketing strategy and why you should hone in on value creation.

Jose explains various ways industry leaders can capitalize on their marginal advantage. He also touches on what’s wrong with the way most businesses approach trade fairs and throws in a few practical ways to get the most out of them.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. If you’re a $10-15 million dollar company, you can’t be a low-cost provider.
  2. Manufacturers often don’t capitalize on the one thing they’re doing best.
  3. Purchasing has radically changed in business in the last ten years, and it’s accelerating with the buyers in the driver’s seat.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “If your business is more than 40% concentrated on one account, it’s time to think about diversifying that account and delivering more value.”
  • “Fix the number one customer complaint, the stuff that vexes customers.”
  • “At tradeshows, don’t just expect the booth to do the work for you, you have to do your homework.”

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What We Discuss with Jose

  • Jose’s transition from back-office accounting to marketing
  • Why overly customer-concentrated marketing is risky for businesses
  • Why it’s important to find out who your best customer is
  • How industry leaders can discover their value proposition
  • Why you should take a look at your sales process
  • How an overemphasis on technical knowledge can kill sales
  • How to approach tradeshows from a value standpoint
  • The role of value in the workplace

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