90: The Indirect ROI of an Amazing Customer Experience with Mark Rosenzweig of 3dx

What goes on behind the scenes at some of the top theme parks in the country? A whole lot of custom scenic design, courtesy of 3dx Scenic, a L!VE company that creates immersive 3D expressive designs. Mark Rosenzweig, 3dx’s Senior Account Executive, joins the show to give some insight into what it’s like being part of a team that creates models for theme parks, exhibits, and more.

In this episode, Mark breaks down some of 3dx Scenic’s most exciting projects and the challenges that came along with them. He explains how indirect ROI works in a theme park versus projects with a more calculated ROI.

Mark also gives us a window into how 3dx Scenic focuses on storytelling with its projects, particularly for models in theme parks or big events. We also hear what Mark believes makes the best guest experience at a theme park.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. While it’s hard to measure the impact and ROI of all 3dx Scenic’s projects, their work contributes to the overall guest experience in a theme park.
  2. Storytelling is an important part of 3dx Scenic’s work, whether it’s a theme park project, a festival, or another event. Mark always asks, “what’s the story it’s trying to tell?”
  3. When guests control their own experiences, they have a much better time.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Budgets drive jobs. And as long as we have a client or a partner that we’re working with that is as transparent as us, we’re normally going to work with them. Not only for this job but also long term.”
  • “Parks aren’t adding the $20-$30 million coasters like they were three or four years ago. But they do have the capital to put on these events that have a very reliable ROI attached to them.”
  • “Put the control in the guests’ hands and make it intuitive and easy.”

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What We Discuss with Mark

  • What 3dx Scenic does
  • Why it’s important to follow a passion with your work
  • The most exciting projects Mark’s worked on
  • How far creative liberty goes at 3dx Scenic
  • How indirect ROI works in a theme park
  • Why photo opportunities have a calculated ROI
  • How 3dx Scenic has overcome challenges
  • Why simplification is key to a good customer experience

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