93: Reframing Generational Stereotypes in Manufacturing with Rachele Focardi

Rachele Focardi is a generational diversity expert, international speaker, author, and Founder of XYZ at Work. We’ve talked about attracting the next generation to the workforce on this show quite a bit, but today is probably our most holistic conversation to date when it comes to all the generations in the workforce and the wonderful things each generation brings to the table.

In this episode, Rachele explains why generational diversity is such a key issue across industries and how it has a unique place in the manufacturing industry. She explores how the pandemic leveled the playing field for each generation and spurred collaboration in and out of the workplace.

For the stats fans out there, Rachele offers some pretty juicy stats on this phenomenon. She also gives us a sneak peek at a few of the topics she’s going to discuss at the upcoming Automate Show in Detroit (without giving too much away).


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. 97% of employees don’t understand the forces that shape their multi-generational colleagues.
  2. The future depends on intergenerational collaboration in and outside the workplace.
  3. For the first time, 69% of employees across generations agree that they’re facing similar experiences in the post-pandemic workplace.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “I’m confident that if we jump on generational collaboration while it’s hot, people will work together to create a reality where generations make decisions and run the world together.”
  • “Hiring people and then losing them because your environment is not multi-generationally harmonious is a reality employers have to deal with.”

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What We Discuss with Rachele

  • What a Future of Work Strategist does
  • Insights from Rachele’s educational and career background
  • What inspired Rachele to focus on generational diversity
  • Why generational diversity is so vital in the present-day
  • What each generation brings to the table
  • Why people perceive multigenerational collaboration negatively
  • The role of the pandemic in opening people’s minds to generational diversity
  • Rachele’s take on diversity in the manufacturing industry
  • What Gen X brings to the table

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