Scot Lindemann on Manufacturing Happy Hour

Scot Lindemann has seen a thing or two when it comes to robotics. The guy has over 30 years of engineering and leadership in this space, from his long tenure with JR Automation to where he is now as the CEO of Mission Design and Automation, a Western Michigan-based robotics integrator and automation company. It’s only appropriate that he take us through the world of robotics, “then and now,” in today’s episode.

Today, Scot shares his story and what it was like formally entering the field of robotics back in the 80s. We discuss how he’s seen technology and the industry evolve, and some of the things that he feels are still the same. We talk about how automation impacts more than just the bottom line of the balance sheet and how small- and mid-sized players can leverage the power of automation today. Finally, we wrap up with some of Scot’s tips for attending trade shows.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. While technology has changed, the importance of understanding the core problem you’re trying to solve with robotics remains the same.
  2. Automation impacts far more than what shows up on the balance sheet, from job satisfaction to retention to overall company image.
  3. When you’re networking at a trade show, ask the people you make genuine connections with “Who else do you think I should meet?”

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What We Discuss with Scot

  • Why Scot decided to pursue a degree in robotics in 1985
  • How Scot has seen robotics change in his career and what’s still the same
  • How automation impacts more than just the balance sheet
  • What Michigan manufacturing has meant to Scot and his career
  • How to create more meaningful connections at trade shows

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