95: Empowering Frontline Teams by Starting a Work Instruction Revolution with Willemijn Schneyder, CEO of SwipeGuide

Willemijn Schneyder and her team are changing the game for post-sales support. Willemijn is the CEO and proud Founder of SwipeGuide, a next-generation instruction software that provides an intuitive way to create enhanced-reality work instructions.

So how is this creating a revolution? Well, you’re going to hear about that in this week’s show. Before venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship, Willemijn was in marketing, E-commerce, and, more recently, new product development. She was no stranger to matching organizations with technological solutions, and this paved the way for SwipeGuide.

In this episode, she gives a detailed overview of what SwipeGuide does and how it works. She also explains how it’s tapping into the previously overlooked knowledge of frontline workers. Willemijn touches on the topic of diversity and bias in the workplace and discusses why she believes crowdsourced solutions like SwipeGuide are the future of manufacturing.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Most companies find it tedious to prioritize creating quality instructions.
  2. We need to tap into the collective intelligence of frontline workers.
  3. Expectations of leadership today are far from inclusive.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Though frontline workers aren’t the ones that buy from us, they embrace us — so we serve them so they can adopt the solution, create the content and get the results.”
  • “There’s much more recognition of the expertise that frontline workers have in the industry and the vital importance of their skill sets than ever before.”
  • “A lot of what’s wrong with technologies today is they’ve been built by teams that aren’t diverse.”

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What We Discuss with Willemijn

  • What SwipeGuide does
  • Insights into Willemijn’s career before SwipeGuide
  • How Willemijn’s background in retail and consultancy prepared her for entrepreneurship
  • SwipeGuide’s origin story
  • How SwipeGuide evolved from a home user manual into an industrial manual
  • A practical example of how SwipeGuide works
  • The role of frontline workers in developing SwipeGuide’s scope
  • How Willemijn leads a distributed team
  • Willemijn’s take on inclusive leadership and tackling unconscious bias
  • What lies in the future for SwipeGuide

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Connect with Willemijn and SwipeGuide

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