A Look Inside Cascadia Connect 2022

Have you ever been in a room full of growth companies, investors, academics, entrepreneurs, and technologist all working together to advance the industry? It’s rare to get all of these players in a tech ecosystem together in one place, but that’s just what Cascadia Capital did at Cascadia Connect 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA.

With such a range of leaders in Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence across the industrial world, we had the opportunity to sit down with 10 of these individuals to hear their perspectives on the future of these technologies and their applications. We owe a big thanks to Cascadia Capital for bringing these amazing folks together.

In this first edition of this double feature, we’ll hear from the individuals leading “robotics clusters” in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Pittsburgh, as well as academics that have dedicated themselves to the advancement of robotics. Get ready to learn from the following five guests in Part 1 of this special feature:

Also, make sure to check out the newly-announced RoboticsClusters.org!

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We’re back for 5 more interviews with leaders in Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. While Part 1 was largely focused on robotics clusters and academia, here in Part 2, we’re focused on two other very significant players in a tech ecosystem: investors and high growth companies.

This episode features the following guests in this order:

Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty, and we hope to see you in Pittsburgh in 2023.