A Look Inside the 2022 A3 Business Forum

Want a taste of one of the best events in manufacturing? This week, we’re giving you an inside look at the A3 Business Forum.

This is the Association for Advancing Automation’s premier leadership and networking event that takes place at the beginning of every year, but really, it’s a community, and not just any community. The people in this association easily make up the single strongest group of manufacturing and automation leaders in the industry.

Much like the A3 Business Forum, this compilation episode covers a variety of topics including robotics, education, hiring and talent retention, as well as cybersecurity. We’ve got 6 interviews for you and we’re also bringing back Jake Hall, the Manufacturing Millennial, to help host these discussions. Here are the leaders you’ll hear from in this episode:

Couldn’t make it to the A3 Business Forum? Don’t miss Automate 2022!

The Association for Advancing Automation is constantly bringing together the brightest minds in the industrial technology ecosystem. On June 6 through 9, 2022, A3 will be hosting its premier event in Detroit, MI: Automate 2022.

With over 500 exhibitors and 20,000+ attendees, this is one of the best opportunities to connect with forward-thinkers in our industry. Best of all, it’s free to attend. Registration is now open. Sign up today and we’ll see you in Detroit!

Tweetable Quotes

  • “A robot is automation – something that moves – plus AI.” -Fady Saad, MassRobotics
  • “There is a belief that you need a PhD from MIT or Stanford or Carnegie Mellon to work with robotics and that simply isn’t true.” -Suzy Teele, ARM Institute
  • “We want people to work with robots, not like” -Greg Smith, Teradyne

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