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Krisztina “Z” Holly has had quite the illustrious career in tech and manufacturing. Her list of accomplishments includes creating the first ever TEDx events, working for multiple successful tech startups, spearheading innovation centers at USC and MIT, and currently, serving as the Founder & “Chief Instigator” for MAKE IT IN LA – LA Mayor Garcetti’s regional maker-focused non-profit – and her own podcast “The Art of Manufacturing.”

Z joins us on the show today to tell us how manufacturing is “sexy” while covering a range of topics – from iterative design processes to sustainable manufacturing. We focus on the importance of manufacturing ecosystems, exercising that entrepreneurial mindset, and why manufacturers need to dream big.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. For a manufacturing ecosystem to be successful, you need a collaborative manufacturing community.
  2. Iteration is a key way that manufacturers can adopt an entrepreneurial mentality.
  3. Having a big vision is critical to the success of manufacturers, but also necessary for creating a better future.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “It’s not about solving problems, it’s about imagining a different future.” –Krisztina “Z” Holly

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What We Discuss with Z

  • Z opens with the importance of creating local manufacturing ecosystems, and how she would help faculty at MIT start companies by bringing in industry catalysts (i.e. mentors) to start building that web of resources.
  • Imagine a bigger future, don’t just solve immediate problems.
  • Iteration is important, but in manufacturing, it’s not always practical since you’re working with physical products. Z gives the example of how Divergent 3D is a company that is 3D printing cars to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

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