BONUS: Defining the Smart Manufacturing Mindset, Live from the Smart Manufacturing Experience (Powered by Cesmii)

Smart Manufacturing goes way beyond being just a buzzword. It’s a movement and mindset taking the industry by storm. But what does it really mean, what are the key benefits and how can manufacturing leaders get started today?

Manufacturing Happy Hour host Chris Luecke asked industry experts these questions live at the Smart Manufacturing Experience at SOUTHTEC. In this special bonus episode, seven manufacturing leaders shared their own definitions of Smart Manufacturing, the secrets behind the successful digital transformations they’ve overseen and the best ways to adopt a Smart Manufacturing mindset.

Stay tuned for part 2 with more inspirational manufacturing leaders next week!

Guests in this episode include:


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Manufacturing leaders don’t always need to be focused on ROI. They need to trust having more data will create value.
  2. Smart Manufacturing is a mindset, while digital transformation is a physical movement.
  3. Data-led decision-making is what makes manufacturing processes ‘smart’.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • Regarding digital transformation: “Just because you’re smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that your aspiration needs to be smaller. It’s just that you have to be smarter in terms of where you start.” – Sudhi Bangalore
  • Regarding smart manufacturing: “If you have access to data to make better decisions, you can have a better outcome.” – Mike Tomasco
  • “We need Smart Manufacturing. We need smart ways to make us more effective. There’s not enough people…so you have to build ways to use data to be more effective and to help scale. – Aldo Ferrante

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What We Discuss 

  • How to describe a Smart Manufacturing mindset
  • Why ROI isn’t the be all and end all for manufacturing leaders
  • How to undergo a successful digital transformation
  • Why Smart Manufacturing is a necessity, not an option
  • What drives industry leaders to be Smart Manufacturers
  • The secrets behind Pfizer’s Smart Manufacturing endeavors
  • Keeping user experience design at the center of Smart Manufacturing

Recommended Resources

  • CESMII, the United States’ non-profit institute dedicated to Smart Manufacturing (SM), working to reduce cost, complexity and time-to-value so all manufacturers can engage
  • SME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of manufacturing, elevating manufacturers, academia and the communities in which they operate

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