Sales & Marketing Game Changers Mini-Series

In this 4-part mini-series, your host Chris Luecke is joined by 5 other B2B sales & marketing experts to take on some of the most pressing topics for business leaders in 2020. These panelists that will be joining us include:

  • Ben Baker – President of Your Brand Marketing
  • Allison DeFord – Founder of FELT Marketing & Co-Host of MFG Out Loud
  • Mark Mitchell – Building Materials Sales and Marketing Growth Consultant
  • Mark Roberts – CEO of OTB Sales Solutions
  • Ray Ziganto – Founder & CEO of Linara International

Episode 1 of 4: Marketing That’s Seen, Heard, and Felt

In our first edition of the Game Changers, we’ll be focusing on authentic, modern marketing. We start by debunking some of the biggest misconceptions about marketing before hearing multiple perspectives on what effective marketing looks like today. Finally, we share actions you can take right now to make your marketing more impactful.


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Episode 2 of 4: Leveraging Data to Stop Selling Naked

In part two, we’re shifting the focus from marketing to sales as we discuss the importance of listening, tracking outcomes, and creating a marketing strategy that is all about the customer. Said another way, it’s not about you! We’ll all share 1 thing that leaders can change to not only impact sales, but gain a ton of authentic customer feedback in the process. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a conversation about leveraging data so that you never have to “sell naked” ever again.

Episode 3 of 4: Reducing Risk to Make Sales Easier

Are there things getting in the way for you and your organization to make sales? Part three is all about identifying and eliminating those roadblocks impacting sales and marketing. We share our perspectives on the top roadblocks, how to detect them, and wrap up with pointed tactics on how to reduce them.

Episode 4 of 4: Leading Your Team in the New Normal

In this last installment of our 4-part series, we’ll be sharing our observations about leadership since the world changed in March 2020. Our panelists will each boil leadership down to a single word, share stories of where they’ve seen leaders emerge, and wrap things up with advice that anyone can use to step up and lead in this brave new world.

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