155: Get on the Plant Floor and Bring Customer Feedback to Market Quickly with Vatsal Shah

Spending time on the plant floor gives you direct communication with your customers. But what’s the best way to gather their feedback and bring it to market quickly? 

In this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we are joined by Vatsal Shah, Founder and CEO of Litmus, a unified platform for industrial IoT. Vatsal provides down-to-earth digital transformation advice, tips on how to bring customer feedback to life and insights into how companies can contextualize their data.

Plus, he shares some stories on the history of Litmus, why scale is more important than ever and why the Cloud is no longer just an option. 


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Scalability is becoming much more important for manufacturing companies.   
  2. Feedback-driven development is the only way to survive for solution providers. 
  3. You shouldn’t do everything yourself. Finding a partner to provide you with feedback is critical. 

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “There are some foundational challenges in manufacturing. The whole journey to overcome them has to be unified. Our platform takes care of the complete journey for manufacturing or industrial customers.” 
  • “There was always a fear of the Cloud, but it’s not optional anymore.” 
  • “We go on quarterly business reviews with customers to understand where we are hitting limits for our products or ROI restrictions. Understanding is critical.” 

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Litmus, the only Industrial Edge Data Platform that unifies device connectivity, data intelligence and data integration in a complete Industry 4.0 solution 

What We Discuss with Vatsal Shah

  • His work before Litmus 
  • What led him to start and persevere with Litmus 
  • How Litmus’ solution works on the plant floor 
  • Whether companies are identifying problems themselves 
  • Why the Cloud is no longer just an option 
  • Why scale is more important than ever 
  • How to bring customer feedback to market quickly 

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