COVID-19 – better known as the Coronavirus – continues to spread and disrupt the global economy in the process. The manufacturing industry is not immune to its effects, especially as the virus’ origins and highest number of cases are in China, a country which plays a key role in almost every manufacturer’s supply chain.

So whether the Coronavirus is a pandemic or not, what can you as a manufacturing leader do to understand its effects on your business and, more importantly, what actions can you take to keep running and growing your business? In this timely bonus episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we’ll take a look at how the virus is impacting global supply chains and how leaders in operations, sales & marketing, and the C-suite can respond in turn.

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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. Operations leaders must manage customer expectations and develop more diversified supply chain strategies for the future.
  2. As conferences get cancelled and face-to-face engagements get put on hold, Sales & Marketing leaders should use the decrease in customer face time to enhance their digital marketing and social media presence.
  3. CEOs and people managers must prioritize the health of their teams while still finding ways to establish team norms even when people are working remotely.

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