AMRL 2021

We’ve got not 1, not 2, but TWELVE interviews for you this week on Manufacturing Happy Hour in a special two-part episode. A3’s 2021 AMRs and Logistics Conference in Memphis, TN brought together robotics and technology leaders from across the industrial world and we had the opportunity to speak to 12 of the individuals that are leading the way in this space. We owe a big thanks to A3 – The Association for Advancing Automation – for bringing these amazing folks together.

In these episodes, Jake Hall – The Manufacturing Millennial and past guest of the show – joins Chris Luecke to co-host these interviews as we talk robotics, workforce, and career. Get ready to learn from the following six guests in Part 1 of this special feature:

Listen to Part 2 right after this important message from A3

The Association for Advancing Automation is constantly bringing together the brightest minds in the industrial technology ecosystem. On June 6 through 9, 2022, A3 will be hosting its premier event in Detroit, MI: Automate 2022.

With over 500 exhibitors and 20,000+ attendees, this is one of the best opportunities to connect with forward-thinkers in our industry. Best of all, it’s free to attend. Registration is now open. Sign up today and we’ll see you in Detroit!

We’re back for Part 2 of our 2021 AMRs and Logistics Conference double feature. This time we’ve got 6 more interviews with leaders from across the robotics and logistics world. These conversations were recorded live at A3’s recent show in Memphis, TN, where hundreds of leaders from across the industry converged for a long-awaited reunion full of keynotes, demos, and plenty of hallway conversations.

Jake Hall “The Manufacturing Millennial” joins us again as we talk shop with our next round of guests, including: