117: How Composites Manufacturing Impacts Marathon Running with Riley Reese, CEO & Co-Founder of ARRIS Composites

How can composite manufacturing help you level-up as a runner? This episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour reveals all.

Riley Reese, CEO and Co-Founder of ARRIS Composites, is on the show this week to talk about the power of composite manufacturing in footwear and its potential in industries such as aerospace, sports cars, skiing equipment, and many more.

As an avid runner himself, we break down some of the top spots in California to go training and his favorite and most memorable marathons.

He explains exactly how his products can impact a runner’s comfort, fatigue levels, and muscle health to get the most performance out of each and every run. We also explore a little about Riley’s startup experience and the biggest business lessons he’s learned in his career.


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3 Quick Things from this Episode

  1. You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Innovate what you’re best at, but don’t forget to search for pre-existing solutions.
  2. Composite molding in running shoes help to improve energy return from running.
  3. Lots has to go into making a great product. There’s never a simple ‘push a button’ solution. There are dozens of steps and challenges and everything has to line up just right.

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Tweetable Quotes

  • “Be really mindful when you’re taking on something new that someone else has not already done it in another industry.”
  • “Everyone says this but running really does clear your head. It gives you headspace.”
  • “We have this passion for the superiority of composite materials. We all had experience with them in different industries, but it’s always limited to the really high-end stuff. The products around us day to day aren’t taking advantage of it.”

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What We Discuss with Riley Reese

  • The difference between ARRIS and Riley’s previous business ventures
  • The biggest lessons Riley learned from his startups
  • Why manufacturing is “messy”
  • Why you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel
  • The reasons Riley started ARRIS
  • How composites improve running performance in shoes
  • Riley’s top marathon runs and favorite trails
  • The reaction and feedback to ARRIS’ composite plates, plus the top benefits of composite plates in running shoes
  • How composites materials can be used in other industries
  • What’s next for ARRIS Composites

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Connect with Riley and ARRIS Composites

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